"Vienkiemis" homestead is a great resort for families with children, business clients, tourist groups, and individual visitors. In summer, we can accommodate up to 90 visitors in the homestead.
At any time of the year, "Vienkiemis" offers its visitors excellent, modern-style double hotel rooms.
Cozy, dressed in reed hats resort lodges, located a little further on Akmena river bank, will ensure your privacy and peace. Spending the night here, in the evenings you will have an opportunity to hear singing nightingales wafting from the river while in the mornings to wake up by piping of the first in the dawn birds and roosters. Just make a wish, and you will be able, like in a secluded village, to run out barefoot on the dewy morning grass, to wander through the meadows, to glance at the distant fields...
For those who wish to spend a night as if in an old mansion, we indeed offer you such an opportunity – we’ll invite you to the most luxurious rooms, fitted in romantic style of an ancient rural mansion. You can see varying landscapes through each window – as if a new picture over again in an outstanding green mosaic surrounding the homestead.
Our exclusive offer is accommodation in an authentic 165-year-old granary where two rooms are equipped. Everything here will remind you of past times – a gentle creak of opening doors, walls made of real logs, embroidered pillows, a petroleum-lamp over the ceiling, vivid rugs along the dirt floor as if reminding our grandmothers hand-knitting them on long winter evenings... Also a nearby museum of ancient utensils will let you project for a while back into the past of Lithuanian countryside.
So, our guests can choose accommodation not only according to their own needs and financial capabilities, but also according to their mood!

Homestead "Vienkiemis" offers:


Standard double rooms



Apartments 4
Rest houses 9
Barn 1

*Arrival since       14oo PM.
*Departure until 12oo PM.

In summer we can accommodate up to 90 people.

You are always welcome in the homestead "Vienkiemis"

Homestead "Vienkiemis", Vienkiemis - 3, Kretinga region., Padvarių village, Lithuania, GPS coordinates:55.54.39/21.14.54; tel: +370 445 78425, +370 685 69549.


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