"Vienkiemis" homestead, for a long time well-known for its saunas, invites those who love a good steam to try 4 saunas: Lithuanian, Russian, Turkish, where even the fussiest customer can find recreation for body and soul.

Or, maybe, you would like to try all the saunas? These infinite sources of pleasant sensations and promotion of health always will be waiting for you in "Vienkiemis" homestead!

We invite in to men  baths

On Saturdays                     Sauna, swimming pool     

   9 - 12 PM        4.00 €      /   13,81 Lt    




Homestead "Vienkiemis", Vienkiemis - 3, Kretinga region., Padvarių village, Lithuania, GPS coordinates:55.54.39/21.14.54; tel: +370 445 78425, +370 685 69549.


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