When stopping by “Vienkiemis” tavern, guests should prepare their stomach for a real adventure! According to ancient Samogitian cuisine, tavern hostesses cook excellent Samogitian dishes, amazing not only for their size and subtle tastes but also for their incredible names. Only in “Vienkiemis” tavern, you can try Samogitian “Smakalas,” “Semenine” dish of linseeds, “Good Old Granny’s Kastinys,” enjoy “Woodward’s Dream,” “Captain’s Roast,” "Noblemen’s Lunch,” or “Farm Master's Treat” ; for the dessert, you’ll enjoy the mysterious “Vienkiemis Farm Surprise.”
Every guest of the tavern is welcomed and may choose meals depending on one’s appetite and purse ... Tavern hostesses at one stroke can “conjure” the tastiest treats, for one guest – of potato harvest, for another – of European cuisine delicacies. Those who missed the steaming Samogitian dishes can enjoy satisfying “Butcher’s Fancy Invention,” while the most fussiest guests can choose from a variety of salads, roast poultry, various species of fish, baked meals, pancakes, and heartwarming sweets.
Guests are invited to “Vienkiemis” not only for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In the tavern, we accept orders for banquets, receptions, seminars, family celebrations, parties. We can arrange a banquet for up to 300 people. There are also banquet and conference rooms that can accommodate 50 guests. Upon entering the banquet hall, custom painted and decorated with marvelous wall frescoes with scenes of a medieval hunting, visitors may feel as if getting into the exclusive noble hall.
Visitors of  “Vienkiemis” tavern will hurry to come back to enjoy our meals again, inviting their friends as well – not only from all over Lithuania, but also from abroad. “Vienkiemis” hosts with pleasure receive appreciations of various organizations and businesses for well-organized events.
In the summer, when “Vienkiemis” has especially a lot of visitors on foot and by transport, another outdoor cafe with a terrace is opened where in the shadow of thatched roofs you can enjoy your favorite meals and drinks as well as novelties of the menu. Therefore, no one is going to stay hungry in our homestead!
Moreover, we offer our visitors, who also wish to demonstrate their culinary skills, to organize a picnic or a party... by themselves! At the same time, up to 500 people can celebrate and have fun in the homestead. At the request of guests, in the evenings, we can kindle fires and lit torches so that each visit to our tavern was not only satisfying for your stomach but also light for your soul.


Homestead "Vienkiemis", Vienkiemis - 3, Kretinga region., Padvarių village, Lithuania, GPS coordinates:55.54.39/21.14.54; tel: +370 445 78425, +370 685 69549.


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