A visit to the tavern at “Vienkiemis” is a true feast for the senses and a test of our guests’ appetites! Here, you'll have the opportunity to savour exceptional dishes prepared according to ancient recipes from the Samogitian region. These dishes will not only impress you with their generous portions and exquisite flavours but also with their unique names. Only at “Vienkiemis” tavern can you indulge in specialties like “Šmakalas” (a refreshing herring-based cold soup), “Sėmeninė” (a dish featuring linseeds), or “Gaspadoriaus vaišės” (Master's treat). And for dessert, the fascinating “Šefo pasiūlymas” (Chef's Choice) awaits.

Every guest is greeted with a warm welcome at the tavern, where you have the freedom to choose dishes that suit both your taste and budget. The talented hostesses of the tavern can prepare the most delectable meals, catering to guests with a range of preferences, from hearty Samogitian dishes to European cuisine delicacies. If you're longing for traditional Samogitian flavours, you can savour the delights of “Mėsininko išmislai” (Butcher's Fancy Inventions). For the most discerning palates, the tavern offers an array of options, including salads, poultry steaks, fish dishes, casseroles, pancakes, and delectable desserts.

Beyond regular dining, the tavern gladly accepts orders for banquets, buffets, seminars, family celebrations, and parties. With a capacity to accommodate up to 300 people, it provides a perfect venue for grand festivities. Additionally, banquet and conference rooms are available for smaller gatherings of up to 50 guests. Upon entering the banquet hall, adorned with magnificent wall frescoes depicting medieval hunting scenes, specially commissioned for an exclusive ambiance, guests will be transported to a noble setting.

Those who have visited “Vienkiemis” tavern often return to enjoy our dishes again and again. hey eagerly invite their friends, not only from Lithuania but also from abroad. The hosts of “Vienkiemis” are delighted to receive positive reviews from various organizations and companies for well-organised events.

Moreover, we offer our visitors the opportunity to showcase their own culinary skills by allowing them to prepare picnics or parties themselves. The homestead is fully equipped to accommodate up to 500 people simultaneously.

We will take care of your good mood, delicious food and pleasant service.

Outdoor café

Vasarą, kai „Vienkiemio“ pusėn suka ypač daug lankytojų, duris atveria ir dar viena lauko kavinė su terasomis,  ant Akmenos upės kranto, kur šiaudinių stogų paunksmėje galima pasimėgauti jau pamėgtais valgiais bei gėrimais ir meniu naujovėmis. Tad mūsų sodyboje alkanas neliks nė vienas!