Territory rules

Guests are kindly requested to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the internal rules and follow them;
  • Promptly settle any payments for additional services, if any;
  • take full responsibility for their children and ensure their safety. Parents or guardians must supervise children and be accountable for their behaviour and well-being;
  • ensure that children partake in water activities and swimming only under adult supervision;
  • utilise ports facilities, playgrounds, and other amenities for their intended purposes only;
  • safeguard and care for personal belongings. The Administration cannot be held responsible for any lost or misplaced items;
  • comply with fire safety regulations and follow safe practises;
  • obtain permission from the Administration before starting a fire, which should only be done in designated bonfire areas or outdoor fireplaces;
  • smoke only in designated area refrain from discarding cigarette butts improperly;
  • seek permission from the Administration before using fireworks or other pyrotechnic products;
  • refrain from causing disturbances to fellow guests.

It is prohibited to:

  • walk dogs without leashes;
  • damage trees, flower beds, or any other part of the premises. Littering or causing destruction to the property is also strictly prohibited;
  • drive cards or other vehicles on unauthorised roads or paths;
  • park cars and other vehicles in areas not designated for parking purposes;
  • start bonfires outside of designated areas;
  • touch and feed animals on the premises;
  • move or remove any items or inventory from the premises without permission from the Administration;
  • bring and consume your own food and beverages.

Guests have the following responsibilities:

  • guests are financially liable for any damage or destruction caused to both movable and immovable property within the premises and its surrounding territory;
  • if any losses occur within the premises due to the actions of minors, the parents or guardians of the children must provide compensation;
  • the owners of the homestead shall not be held responsible for any injuries sustained by guests or their children resulting from their own actions or the actions of their accompanying guests. Furthermore, the owners shall not be held responsible for any property damage caused by the guests' negligence;
  • guests who bring their own food are responsible for ensuring its quality and adherence to health safety standards.

Attention! There is an entrance fee four groups of people (weddings, excursions, etc.)!

These rules have been established to maintain order, prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests, and prevent any unpleasant misunderstandings or negative outcomes.

We wish you a nice rest!

Administration of the homestead “Vienkiemis”